With Spring having officially sprung, it is now time for homeowners to take care of maintenance provisions on their home. The temperature is getting warmer and it is prime time for outside maintenance on lawns, flowerbeds, and pools. However, it is also important to remember structures of the home that often get neglected, yet essential to household during the cooler seasons, such as the chimney. To heighten awareness and assist homeowners during these hard, economic times, Allied Chimney and Roofing is offering coupon-specials for chimney cleaning and free inspection.

Allied Chimney’s chimney cleaning special has been extended, advertising its service as only $29.95.

The owners and staff of Allied Chimney understand how easy it is to overlook the chimney in the year-round maintenance routine, but they also know how crucial it is to ensure a chimney is cleaned and done properly. Most homeowners forget about chimney maintenance such as yearly inspections and cleaning because they are completely unaware of how vital it is to chimney safety. In wood-burning fireplaces, its soot and ash can accumulate, slowly causing a blockage to occur. Blockages can also occur from outside elements getting trapped and building up inside a chimney, regardless of whether the fireplace is gas or wood-burning. In either case, a chimney with a blockage can easily become a tremendous fire and safety concern.

Allied Chimney is also offering a chimney-cap special of $59.95, hardware and installation included.

Having a chimney cap installed is truly a quick and inexpensive solution to blockage problems. Many homeowners do not realize how easy it is for outside elements, such as leaves, twigs, and other debris, to accumulate within a chimney. People likewise forget just how accessible and appealing the chimney is to animals. Unless otherwise prevented, chimneys are the places for small animals, such as birds, squirrels, and even raccoons, to build a home. These pesky animals cannot only get into the home via the chimney, but are often the culprits for severe blockages. Allied Chimney suggests homeowners have a chimney cap installed in order to prevent such problems and safety hazards from occurring.

Allied Roofing and Chimney has serviced Long Island and New York City’s five boroughs for over 20 years. The company takes tremendous pride in its expertise and services, but being family-owned-and-run, they also care about the safety and well-being of their customers and surrounding communities. And although they have a 24-hour emergency service, they are promoting these services at discounted prices in order to help prevent emergencies from occurring. To take advantage of these offers and obtain a copy of the coupons, go tohttp://alliedchimneyny.com/.